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teenager’s perceptions of “abuse” perpetuated by this dumb website is literally getting out of hand

i just saw a post on my other blog’s dash about an individual needing to get away from an “unsafe environment” because their parent’s are being “really aggressive” about them canceling a therapist appointment and are threatening to take away their phone/internet in an effort to “cut them off from the world” and like their dad grabbed their arm to get them to tell him why they didn’t go idk but


that is called punishment for disrespecting your parents. i’m assuming this person is either getting covered by their parents’ insurance for this therapy and/or their parents are paying for the therapy…? either way, that’s something you should fucking respect? obviously if you’re in therapy, there’s probably a pretty good reason why you should be going, especially if your parents are covering the expenses for you. my parents would definitely get on my ass if i just decided to disregard something like that and i think with good reason. and like. fuck! they fucking PAY FOR YOUR INTERNET AND YOUR PHONE. THEY CAN FUCKING TAKE IT AWAY IF YOU’RE BEING DISRESPECTFUL.

idk maybe i have an old-fashioned idea of respect for your parents or something but like jesus, my mom spanked me when i was little, i don’t really consider that abuse??? i didn’t get fucked up by it? and that’s prob even more harmful than your parents grabbing you to get you to tell them something… and jesus, getting your phone/internet taken away is not the end of the fucking world. my mom grounded me from the computer all the time when i was being a brat. like shit. deal with it.

i guess what i’m trying to say is that people are blurring the lines of abuse and it’s really dangerous… because there is A HUGE difference between your parent like grabbing your arm/taking away your internet for awhile vs ACTUALLY HARMING OR BEATING YOU/barring you from the world. getting your internet taken away should not debilitate you. i understand that a lot of people are starting to seek refuge online, but it IS NOT AN EXTENSION OF YOUR BEING. okay. okay. 

god. like this generation has such a fucked up view about punishment. they think that they can do no wrong. well, news flash, ya can. and news flash, your parents are allowed to punish you for it by ~*~woooOOooo taking away the internet that they goddamn pay for~*~~* if they so choose. like yo they created you. have some damn respect.

someone just posted this on facebook and i can’t stop laughing

ok literally stop zooming in on bode’s face he is crying omg

also why are they making these seem like a failure he IS THE OLDEST GUY TO EVER MEDAL…???

i know he’s upset he didn’t get gold, but man that’s a big accomplishment?



before and after listening to BEYONCÉ

wow why the fuck have i not watched snowboard cross before this is unbelievable




haven’t watched this yet so completely out of context, but this shot in particular has me screaming because


Jessica Lange for Vanity Fair
cropped from original [x]


The longer I stare at this, the more I wanna fight them


Game postponed due to puppies.