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Alberta Feretti S/S 2014, Milan Fashion Week


That time my mom made the waitress give her a pair of gloves to eat her wings so she wouldn’t mess up her nails.


Holy shit guys, not liking fat people makes a pedophile out of you or means you’re gay. Wow. The self-victimization with these people got to a whole new level.

"Every time you walk around town with a thin woman, you are insulting fat women" do people really eat this shit up and say it unironically

"10 years from now we’ll be the norm" sounds like a threat, also.

All of this coming from a fat girl: unpopular opinion on tumblr but BEING OBESE IS NOT BEAUTIFUL. IT’S NOT HEALTHY. AND YOU’RE NOT SEXY BY EATING CHICKEN NUGGETS AND GETTING ZITS AND STRETCH MARKS. And they sound so desperate for a man’s attention so I’m willing to bet they feel alone and don’t wanna work on their body to appeal to anyone so they blame attractive men for having standards. lol how sad.

-the italian one

this is so relevant ahhh i read such an interesting article on how america is so ridiculously forgiving of obesity because if we aren’t it’s considered “oppression”even though obesity has extremely severe health consequences and also bc our society is literally built around addictive, processed foods 

also its kind of hilarious that op is saying you’re oppressing fat people by not being attracted to them but somehow it’s not oppressive to say that it’s inherently wrong to be attracted to people who aren’t fat lol

The warm weather makes you yawn between noon and evening.